Monday, November 25, 2013

Looking for two bloggers...

Looking for Bloggers?
Do you like to blog?  Are you interested in blogging for our store?

Well, now you are in luck... We are currently looking for two bloggers to add to our family.  You will recieve a copy of new releases / hunt items and lucky chair gifts...

We only ask that you send us the links of the blog entries... We do ask that you have at least one of our items posted ... at least twice a month.... seems simple enough no? 

Interested? Please send a notecard with the title "Blogger Application" to Caresia Adored.


Avatar Name:

How long you have been in Second Life:

Current Blog Address:
Do you have a flickr account? (If yes, please include your link so we can see your work):

What are the types of items do you like to blog?:

Do you edit your photos? If so with what program?: 

Be honest... Why do you want to blog for our store?

Thanks so much in advance.
Your LNS Designs Team.

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