Monday, October 7, 2013

New Subscriber Gift!!

Today we put in a new subscriber gift!

As it states they are mesh bracelets with built in resizers.  These can be used by male and female.  We have two versions included, one with a flexie cord and one set without.

You can get this by clicking any of our subscriber kiosks at any of our locations:


Our hunt gift was blogged!

Received a message today stating that our hunt gift had been blogged on
Fashion + Freebies for Men. Eyes Wide Shut Couple Hunt Part II which as usual made me all happy to see... Thanks so much Mitgard Babu for sharing this with us!!
You can find Mitgard's blog @
Like this hunt gift but the hunt is over?
You can always find our hunt gifts in the basement for sale. 
to find the gift, just head through the door as soon as you enter.
It is the portal to the basement.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Amber Craft blogs our Braelyn hair.

Got an update today by the Candy Factory group and found out that Amber Craft blogged our hair in her post!!!  She looks a bit terrified, but I'm sure that is because of all the pumpkins, right? :D

This hair comes with a HUD that offers two color hair options, three texture options for the hat, and six different bow color options.

Want this hair?

 This sells for only L$ 97 @ The Candy Factory location only.

Huge thankies to Amber for the post <3

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Xandra dress gets blogged!!

While doing my normal random search, I found that Go Dutch had blogged our Nova Luna - Xandra dress back on the 26th of September!!  Here is a picture from that post!!  Huge thanks to Roodvosje for making our dress look so good :D

You can find this dress in a giftbox at either of our locations
or on the Marketplace @