Monday, September 30, 2013

How's about some nice Candy .....

Yes, we are part of this round of the Candy Factory.

For this event we have created a hat/hair combo,
This offers not only two different shades of hair to choose from, but also 3 different textures for the hat, as well as 6 different colors for the bow on the hat.
all these options are provided via a HUD that we created to go with it.

 This sells for only L$ 97 @ The Candy Factory location only.
The next item we have up kind of goes hand and hand with the hair... It's a mesh tshirt that also sports a texture changing hud.  Three of which match directly with hair's textures. We have included all the standard sizes.


 This sells for only L$ 97 @ The Candy Factory location only.
It being the Halloween season, Sonnet also created a lowbie mesh witch hat, eyes, and makeup.
 This sells for only L$ 5 @ The Candy Factory location only.

We  look forward to seeing you all there!!!

Hunt Update - Sour Pickles Hunts - Two of a Kind Hunt

The second hunt we are in this October, is Sour Pickles Hunts - Two of a Kind Hunt

for this hunt Sonnet created us the Bobzee hair style.   With this gift you get two different colors of this hair, which is a rigged mesh bob cut hairstyle. You also get a pack that you can transfer to a friend, that has the exact same gift in it.  Letting YOU pick your twin :)

Enjoy the gift.... check out the picture below:


You can find this gift at our mainstore location from Oct 1st to 31st of the month.

Hunt Update - NTTT-2013 Hunt

October brings us two more hunts that we are involved in...The first of which is....
The Nevermore Hunt -Trick or Treat Trail - 2013

for this hunt Sonnet created us some mesh masks that we have named "Nevermore SugarSkull Masks", these are unisex and have both a happy and sad face design.... check out the picture below: 

You can find this gift at our mainstore location from Oct 1st to Nov 1st.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Art of the Hud - An introduction of Huds to our hair

Hud texturing seems to be all the rage with hair packs now, so yeah we are in the process of learning to HUD our hair.  Our first attempt.... making a colorful pack of hair textures that we designed for one of our current hairs ... The Jonquil Hair.

We have called this our "playful pack" as it plays with a number of colors and dips of colors.

Main Vendor Ad

We also made a picture of how the different colors look on the model.

We hope to be bringing the HUD technology to all our new releases.

Where can you find this hair pack?

and at our store locations:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Titania - The Necessity Pack.

Since we made our Titania hair for the Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt, we've been asked numerous times to make it in other colors...

So, by popular demand... here it is...


You can find it:


and at our store locations:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Maestro gets some playtime....

Devin Vaughn is sporting our Eyes Wide Shut Hunt gift in his latest posts....

 He used this in both his feeds to Bishie Style SL -

Sinistrati and the Masks of Secret Societies

As well as his posting for Fashion + Freebies for Men & Women.

Sinistrati and The Masks of Secret Societies

Want this mask for yourself?
Head over to our main store location @ the Born sim.  
and find the hunt kiosk for hint 

Priss' Wardrobe finds out orchid sleeves...

As is my normal routine, I like  to see if anyone has used our items in their posts... Today I found I this one..
I got all happy when I noticed that the sleeves are ours!! Yay and stuff... Huge thanks to  
for the posting... and you made them look good with this ensemble...

These sleeves can be found on our Marketplace @
or at either of our store locations.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Introducing "Jonquil"... a new [LNS HAIR] design

This is our latest hair designed by SonnetSoleil.  This is a long bob cut that leaves your left ear exposed so you can still see at one one of those amazing earrings in your inventory....  It comes in both a rigged and unrigged version.  The Unrigged has a built in resizer to allow for tweaking if needed.

We have all our standard packs available...
Blacks | Blondes | Browns | Reds | Necessity | Monochrome | Fantasy, and a full Fatpack with an extra set of hair thrown in it.

We also have our lucky chair version, as well as a promo version.

Lucky Pink Two Pack @ both the Sedna and Born locations


and our Purple Promo Two pack
Want to see more of our products and gifties?
New Store Location: (Make sure to pick up opening gift <3)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A FabFree Gift

Last week we became one of the designers for the FabFree Group.  Today we put up our gift for September @ the FabFree Headquarters.

We wanted to make something tht both male and female would enjoy.
These are fully mesh and we made them copy/mod so that people could edit them as they see fit.

Want to see more of our products and gifties?
New Store Location: (Make sure to pick up opening gift <3)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SWAGGOR finds Us...

You can see she is wearing our BOHO Arm Cuffs and rings...You can find that post by clicking on the image above :)  Huge thankies to Swaggor for using our product on their page....
You can find these on the Marketplace as well as in our store locations...

We have them priced at L$ 74... sold as a set.

Want to check out this and more of our products?
New Store Location:

Found another blog entry about us...

While doing a random search, I happened upon "Shaia Style"... and noticed that she had blogged four of our freebies on her site... :)

Plus she used our subscriber eye gift in her picture above that was in her post "Hot For Teacher"
[ LNS ] Amethyst Eyes - Subscriber Gift
Yay and stuff... big hugs to Shaia for coming by our store....

You can check out her page @