Friday, September 6, 2013

Introducing "Jonquil"... a new [LNS HAIR] design

This is our latest hair designed by SonnetSoleil.  This is a long bob cut that leaves your left ear exposed so you can still see at one one of those amazing earrings in your inventory....  It comes in both a rigged and unrigged version.  The Unrigged has a built in resizer to allow for tweaking if needed.

We have all our standard packs available...
Blacks | Blondes | Browns | Reds | Necessity | Monochrome | Fantasy, and a full Fatpack with an extra set of hair thrown in it.

We also have our lucky chair version, as well as a promo version.

Lucky Pink Two Pack @ both the Sedna and Born locations


and our Purple Promo Two pack
Want to see more of our products and gifties?
New Store Location: (Make sure to pick up opening gift <3)

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