Friday, December 27, 2013

Dancing in the square .....blogs our hair...

Huge thanks to Cherie of Dancing in the Square for using our Laurel hunt hair in her post...

Check out her post @ Dancing in the square .....: 730. Stand By Me: 
want the Laurel Hair?

You can pick it up as part of the Winters Dark Hunt from December 1-31 at our mainstore, after that close of the hunt you will find it along with the rest of our previous hunt gifts in the basement of our mainstore. Previous Hunt gifts are sold for L$27 a piece.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Miel gets Twisted....

Miel got a little Twisted with our Crown we made for the Twisted Krissmuss event items that you can pick up at our mainstore location.  These crowns can be purchase in both Gold and Silver versions, along with an array of gem color variations available.  These are transferable for easy gift giving. 
She is also wearing the Isolde Jewelry Set which includes necklace and earrings that gives you a color changing HUD for the gems along in the pack.  This set is currently available at both our Mad City location as well as our Mainstore. The hair that she is wearing is our Solstice Hair which is the hunt gift for the Winter Solstice Hunt, going on now at our Mainstore Location.

You can read Miel's latest blog post @

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Simone of Free*Style Blogs Us

We also caught this post of our latest Hunt gift hair, Solstice, being blogged over at

Huge thanks to Simone for using our hunt gift in her post.
This is our gift for the Winter Solstice Hunt 2013 by Nevermore Hunts.

Want this hunt gift?
You can find the hunt hint located on the outside of our mainstore. 

Xxanaa of Free*Style blogs us...

Well well well, Look what we found!! Xxanaa struts her stuff on the FreeStyle blog wearing our Candy Cane Top Hat & Branchlers on top of her head!

These are our hunt gifts for the Candy Cane 5 Gridwide Hunt and Gacha Tour by Kastle Rock Hunts.

Want to get these for yourself as well? 
Look for the Candy Cane Cupcake hidden in our mainstore...
You can find the hint located on the outside wall of our store.

Huge Thanks to Xxanaa for blogging our gift. 

Winter Solstice Hunt 2013 - HUNT GIFT

This is our Solstice hair that Sonnet created for Nevermore Hunts' latest Hunt. The Winter Solstice Hunt 2013.

It comes with both a straight frost color that we have dubbed the "Dawn", and a roots version of this hair that we have named "Dusk". We also have included an alpha in the pack.

This hunt runs from December 21st till January 21st. Pick up yours today @ our mainstore. As always, Hunt Hints are located on the outside wall of our mainstore.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
Your LNS Designs Team

Our Official Blogger hard at work...

Miel posted her latest blog post and used our adorable Laurel Hair to add to her post.

Link to her post

Want this hair? You can pick it up as part of the Winters Dark Hunt from December 1-31 at our mainstore, after that close of the hunt you will find it along with the rest of our previous hunt gifts in the basement of our mainstore. Previous Hunt gifts are sold for L$27 a piece.

Friday, December 20, 2013

We've been blogged - Fashion Kawaii Colors

Fashion Kawaii Colors: 1448 - Mag.B [NEW] & LNS, KASA, Apricot Paws, Foll...: Hair : [ LNS Designs ] Laurel (included Hud texture to change Hair 2 colors & Hats 9 colors) - WDH Hunt Object 32 Item 1L - By ma...

Huge thanks to this blog for blogging our hunt hair...
Want this hair as well?

You can find it at our main store, look for a small black and white candy cane.  Hint on outside wall.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Twisted Krissmuss - LNS Style

We were so very excited when we got accepted to be part of the Twisted Krissmuss event.You can check out all the details for this event along with other merchants items at

Caresia and Sonnet decided they both wanted to make items for it.

Sonnet made mesh silver and gold crowns, with 5 different color gems each @ L$100 quite a steal.

Here is the silver and gold version with the Ruby accents.  We also have Onyx, Citrine, Turquoise, and Opal.

Silver & Ruby - Ariel Crown - L$100

Gold & Ruby - Ariel Crown - L$100

Sonnet also made a "Santa's Sack" that seems to involve Santa losing some of his gifts along the way through a hole in the sack itself....

L$ 50

While Sonnet was dropping presents... Caresia was working on her "Gacha"  item for this event.  With the help of some inspiration from Snow Frostwych of By Snow, Caresia came up with some Twisted Blossom antlers in both a pearls version and a pearls and Roses version, both versions come in six different color choices.  We put the rose and pearl version on display in the main store.  Snow snapped the main gacha picture with Caresia... This a L$25/gacha.


Red Pearls - L$ 25/gacha

Red Pearls with Roses L$ 25/gacha

Care also made the gift for this event.  Meet "Patch" .. the patchwork owl.  In the gift you get him in two sizes, small for the shoulder, as well as a larger version with a built in animation to hold him out in your hands.

Twisted Krissmuss - GIFT - FREE

We look forward to seeing you at our main store for this event.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Introducing.... Miel Dyne.

We are proud to present Miel Dyne, the newest member of the LaNoir Soleil family.  She comes to us as an "Official LaNoir Soleil Designs blogger and has already done her first post... You can check out her post @ Candy Coated.


We are very happy about having her join our little family and look forward to reading all her posts in the future. 

Miel Dyne 

Like what she is wearing?
Check out our new Nivarone line @ The Candy Factory
We also carry other versions of this dress at our Mad City location and Main Store.

As well as on the Marketplace.

Like the hair she is wearing in the picture? 
Well this is our Clarissa hair, the purple version she is wearing is found in the Lucky Chairs in our Main Store basement.  This pack includes this light version as well as a darker purple.  
You can find it in more colors on the Marketplace.

(basement is through the blue door at the front of our store.)