Sunday, July 28, 2013

Skull -N- Bones Hunt Gifts!

So we finished the Skull -N- Bones Hunt gifts!! The Hunt starts Aug 1st and runs till the 31st of August.
Come and get your pirate on!!  Each Gift costs only L$1!!  The Pirate Hat comes in two great colors, Mod/Copy!!

Female Hunt Gift          model: SonnetSoleil

The female dreads have a pink and purple bead attachment, while the men have a blue based design feature.

Skull -N- Bones (The Pirate Hunt) male gift 
Male Hunt Gift               model: Espiridion
Looking forward to seeing you there!!
Store Location:

or you can find us on the Marketplace for a look at all our main store products!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Mesh Rings in Store and On Marketplace

Got these cute new mesh rings in the store's holovend machine, and up on the marketplace.  I thought about putting them in a gacha, but I really wanted people to be able to buy the ones they want :)

L$ 47

L$ 47

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Lucky Chair!!

Yes, she has gone and done it.  Caresia is trying her hand at creating, and wanted her item to be the new lucky chair gift.... It comes with a hud with 8 different textures built in.... If you look careful, you might even find something extra....

Here are the pictures of the different texture colors included.

Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Official!!!

We are also one of the merchants for the Kastle Rock Gridwide Hunt: Skull~N~Bones - The Pirate Hunt 3 Hunt.

We will be posting our gift when it is completed so you can have a first look :)

Hot Summer Hunt III

We are happy to announce that we will be one of the merchants in the Hot Summer Hunt III.!!

Looking forward to making another gift for male and female.... make sure to keep watch, as we will post what it is as soon as we figure it out ;)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

WithershinSL blogs our Hunt Hair!!!

We are very excited that another blogger has blogged our hair on their site!!
You can read all about it @ "Meet me at the Glade"
WithershinSL blogs Our Hair!!

Want this hair too?   Catch it @ our store location during the A Midsummer Night's Dream 4 Gridwide Hunt
LNS Designs @ Sedna/240/85/27
Hunt Ends July 21st!!
LNS Designs Team!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Moonbeam Korra blogs our hunt hair!!

You can check out her blog @ 
Huge Thanks to her for adding our hair to her beautiful look!!

Want this hair too?   Catch it @ our store location during the A Midsummer Night's Dream 4 Gridwide Hunt
LNS Designs Sedna/240/85/27

LNS Designs Team!