Saturday, August 10, 2013

This just in...Clarissa....

Just started putting out the Clarissa line of hair, we started with a Lucky Chair item as well as a Promo Pink pack... Both have two shades of their prospective colors, along with a rigged and unrigged versions.
We added a resize script to the Unrigged version for easier adjusting...

The Lucky Chair item:   [LNS HAIR] Lucky Purple - Clarissa

[LNS Designs] Lucky Purple Clarissa
You can find this at our main store location @ in LUCKY CHAIR area.

and here is the other.... 
The (L$ 47) Promo Item: [LNS HAIR] Promo Pink - Clarissa

[LNS HAIR] Promo Pink Clarissa
You can find this promo item at our main store location:
and also on the marketplace @

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