Monday, August 19, 2013

Brand New Tshirts - The Damascus Line

These are made from our original mesh tshirt design.... we have eight new designs to offer up to you all...  Every mesh tshirt is L$ 57.  These are special though because every single one of them comes with a bonus gift with purchase....

What is this bonus gift you may be wondering?  Well, it is a white version of the same design you buy... and it comes with a color changing hud included... so that white shirt can be any ol' color you want it to be.... Not too shabby for L$ 57 huh?

We thought you might like that :D

Here are some shots of the vendor ads for the marketplace...









and here they are in their new home @ our new BORN location...
we are very excited to open on Sept 1st there...

New Damascus Tshirts!!

right now you can only find these on the Marketplace as our new shop is not quite up to where we want it to be it isn't even listed in search yet...


You can still come by our Sedna location for Lucky Chairs, our current products, and hunt gifts... Dont forget to pick up the other little gifties around the store too :D

Hope to see you soon.....

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