Friday, April 4, 2014

MadPea: The Lost Mine Preview Day 5: Plot Twist!

MadPea: The Lost Mine Preview Day 5: Plot Twist!: MadPea shows off our stuff in their Day 5 preview post.   They say, "
LNS Designs is a multi-headed design collective specialising in alternative fashion. Creating everything from boots and shoes to dresses, skirts, shirts and accessories, this multi-discipline team is quickly gaining the attention of some of Second Life's most notable fashionistas. Check out their mainstore here. "
Though we had to giggle a bit that they didn't mention we make hair, we were very happy to see this posting <3

We are very excited to be apart of the latest MadPea Productions adventure... Our gifts include
 the Thorin Battlehelm with Spike addon 
the Ignes Wildman hair with her winged crown.

You can pick up these gifts at the end of the hunt in the Treasure room.

Pick up your HUNT Hud today from Mad City @

Hope to see you there!!!


Your LNS Team

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