Monday, March 3, 2014

The Candy Factory goes "GREEN"

Have you checked out the Candy Factory event this cycle?  Well, all the merchants have gone green, and we are no exception.

Check out the pictures!

Our first item is this gorgeous new hair creation from Sonnet!  You can see why we can all be green with Envy with this hair! You get both green textures included. 

[LNS HAIR] TCF - ENVY   (L$ 97)

The second item is this new creation by Caresia - It comes with a gem changing hud and resizer
[LNS Designs] SUN STAR SET (L$ 97)
Our third and final piece for the event is a gacha item that has five different gem textures you can get.  The rare is a copy/hudded version that allows you to change between them all.

[LNS Designs] TRIAD RING (L$ 50/gacha)
All these items can be found at The Candy Factory event @
This event runs from the 1st to the 14th of every month.
Hope to see you there!!

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